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Special Session on Current research topics in Power Nuclear & Fuel Energy in associated with International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICRTEST) - 2016 is organizing by St. peters engineering college, Hyderabad, India during 25th- 27th October 2016.

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For Paper Submission through easy chair : PNFE

International Conference on Hybrid and Composite Materials,chemical processing:HCMCP-2016.Its being organized by the St.Peter's Engineering College, Maisammaguda,Medchal,Hyderabad,Telangana,India.

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For Paper submission through easy chair: HCMCP

Welcomes you to ‘Online Paper Submission System’:

Dear Authors, we are very happy to say, International Conference on Recent Trends in Engineering, Science and Technology (ICRTEST) – 2016 is integrated to “Online Paper Submission System”. Now onwards, authors can submit the paper by using this paper submission system.

Features of Online paper submission system:

  1. Authors having login page and its Free of registration to create author’s page.
  2. Very simple and few fields are required to fill while submission.
  3. Authors can suggest “4” reviewers (At least 2 reviewers are should be from outside your country) for review their paper. However, guest editor’s decision is final to which he wants to send your paper for review.
  4. Author can track his status of the paper at any time.
  5. Author will get notification by email if paper gets approved by Admin.
  6. Author can withdraw the paper at any time.
  7. Author can submit the different papers to same special issue or different special issues by same account.

Note*: Before submission, authors should prepare “Cover Letter

Note*: All papers should be in PDF format only.

All submitted papers should have same format for considering the review and this format can find in Author’s guidelines section which is appear in navigation bar in this website.

For paper submission, please go to paper submission by clicking on: Online Paper Submission System



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